Somehow, you’ve found my website.

  • I am an urban planner in Vancouver, BC, Canada with 10 years experience working at TransLink, the regional transportation agency.
  • I quit TransLink to become the Executive director of Movement: Metro Vancouver Transit Riders, which is a non-profit focused on fighting for better transit.
  • I generally love talking about transit, and about how to make bus networks better.
  • You’ll probably learn more about me from LinkedIn than from here.
  • Here are some things I would love you to do:
    • Donate
    • Hire me to do planning work
      I am offering my services part time. I know a lot about overcoming the barriers to better transit service. Reach out at consulting@denisagar.com if you want to talk about it!
    • Hire me to speak
      I do panels, keynotes, birthday parties, etc! Reach out at consulting@denisagar.com if you want a contagiously passionate nerd to talk about the boundless potential of transit.